Buy Vibrator Race Tracks

Vibrator Race TracksLadies And Gentlemen, Start Your Vibrators!

Three! Two! One! GO! And they’re off! The room is abuzz with the sounds of cheering, laughter, and camaraderie as every adults favorite party activity kicks off another fun-filled weekend night.

Racing vibrators on racetracks is the next cutting edge wave of entertainment for bachelorette and bachelor parties, nightclubs, bars, college dorm parties, and anyplace people gather for a good time.

What karaoke was to evening entertainment in the 90’s, vibrator racing tracks will be to the 2000’s. Everywhere there is a racetrack for vibrators, the level of fun escalates to a frenzied, hilarious pitch! It seems no one can get enough of the shaking, jiggling sex toys and watching them as they buzz their way toward the finish line of our racing tracks.

Vibrator racing tracks are practically guaranteed to max out the Fun-O-Meter for birthday parties, anniversary parties, divorce parties, foam parties, lingerie and less parties, porn film wrap parties, fraternity and sorority parties, casino night, burlesque parties, boat parties, Mardi Gras–the list is endless.


Are you a bar/nightclub owner? You could host vibrator racing nights! Patrons could sign up for teams and participate in weekly tournaments, which means more business because you’ll be the talk of the town. Add some great prizes, and a phenomenon is launched!

Nightclubs that offer black light dance night could offer races featuring glow-in-the-dark sex toys, or vibrators painted with day-glo paints.

The possibilities for good times are nearly endless with vibrator race tracks.

Liven up your party! Party hosts and hostesses will enliven the atmosphere by offering vibrator races for a fun, memorable night of laughter and good cheer.

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for shipping. We build to order.